Title EeBGuide Guidance Document – Operational Guidance for Life Cycle Assessment Studies of the Energy-Efficient Building Initiative
Organisation European Commission – EeBGuide Project
Country (Region) Europe
Version/ Publication date 2012
Type of document Guidance document
Where to find it (Weblink) http://www.eebguide.eu/eebblog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/EeBGuide-B-FINAL-PR_2012-10-29.pdf

Main Target Groups:

  • LCA practitioners
  • LCA tool developers

Secondary Target Groups:

  • Experts responsible for the definition of calculation rules for building labelling systems, as well as for EPD programmes.

Decision Making Situations:

  • Execution of LCA study within a European research project
  • Selection of consistent data, methodology, reference or default values when developing or updating an LCA software for buildings

General Overview:

  • Rules and guidance to produce an LCA study in a generally agreed and consistent way