Title Methodology to calculate embodied carbon of materials
Organisation Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Country (Region) UK
Version/ Publication date 2012
Type of document Information paper
Where to find it (Weblink) http://www.ice.org.uk/ICE_Web_Portal/media/northeast/Methodology_embodied_carbon_materials_final—1st-edition.pdf

Main Target Groups:

  • Quantity surveyors

Secondary Target Groups:

  • Decisions makers in the design team

Decision Making Situations:

  • Calculation of cradle to gate embodied carbon emissions as an addition to validation and costing of materials during the design process

General Overview:

  • Focus on cradle to gate embodied carbon assessment
  • Outline of embodied carbon estimation depending on the design stage of the project
  • Identification of high impact materials (“carbon hotspots”)
  • Cradle-to-gate methodology example
  • Case studies